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Floral jacquard 

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Biomedical Textiles

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Sue Rangeley

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Ralph Lauren 

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Linton Tweed

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Peace Industry

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Piero d’Angelo

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Linda Lamay 

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Vintage kimono

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Beaded textile

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Steve Alan for West Elm

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Ismini Samanidou

Cloud 10 at Collect

Gunjan Aylawadi

 I know this is not textiles but paper, I wanted to share this amazing artist work featured on The Design Files. Gunjan's work is exquisite and some of her designs evoke textile patterns.

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Ilse Acke

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Liz Williamson

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Edith Rewa

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Caron Penny 

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Julie Ryder

Julie Ryder, Bespoke 2014

Julie Ryder – MOAD Artist Statement

I was inspired to create ‘Political Cover-up’ by imagining who would be using the chaise-longue and under what circumstances.  Mental images of tired politicians and their staff grabbing a quick nap during late-night sittings inspired the form of the blanket and floor rug. The patch-work blanket of original pre-1988 newspaper political articles can be viewed as an object that covers or protects the person on the chaise-longue. Alternatively, it can be seen as a journalistic “cover-up” – hiding the truth beneath or within it. The hand-embroidery is a metaphor for “embellishing a story”, as in journalism, or as “embroidering the truth”, as practised by unscrupulous politicians.

Similarly, the small floor rug, ‘Spin’ refers to the way selective information can be “swept under the rug” and the cut paper reminds us that what is published is not always the whole truth, or in the order that it is presented.

The use of newspaper as a blanket or covering was a practice often adopted by the homeless and down-and-out or those with limited resources in challenging conditions.  Paper has also been used traditionally in quilt-making as templates for pieced quilts – often old letters or newspapers were used because they were not precious materials and were immediately to hand in the domestic environment.

Title of Work:             POLITICAL COVER-UP
Size:                                        117 x 117cm
Date of Work:                         2014

Title of Work:             SPIN
Medium or Materials: NEWSPAPER, COTTON, FELT
Size:                                        60cm diameter
Date of Work:                         2014

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Victoria Pemberton 


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