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Astrid Krogh

Via Archivenue

A different take on textile design, hope you enjoy this post.

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Embroidered negligee

Via The MET
This is so beautiful and delicate, I had to use both images. Enjoy.

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Vintage Obi Textile

Hand woven vintage Obi, detail

Textile books

I have a serious obsession with textiles and also with textile books. My books shelf has had a major clear out as I cannot keep all the books I have. I just don't have to room to store them. I thought I would share with you some of my textile books occasionally. I hope you enjoy the selection.I do love Japanese textiles and collect Obi.

Kimono, Paul Van Riel
Kimono, Paul Van Riel, pages 60,61

Kimono, Paul Van Riel, pages90-91


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